Fishing For British Beau? Meghan Was Reportedly Ditched By UK X-Factor's Winner Just Months Before Meeting Harry

May 21, 2019 15:13

The British public has been swooning over singer Matt Cardle for ages. The 36-year-old woke up famous after winning the seventh season of The UK’s X Factor.

Cardle has released many albums since then and even tried himself as an actor in a musical theater. But let’s be honest, his cute smile and impressive physic is something that we shouldn’t forget as well.

Matt has probably charmed many women in his life and one of them is the Duchess of Sussex.

The online romance nobody knew about

According to The Sun, Meghan Markle and Matt Cardle had an online romance back in 2015. Meghan was recently divorced then and spending a lot of time in the UK.

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It’s believed that being a fan of Suits, Cardle followed Markle on social media and was surprised that she quickly followed him back and started messaging him.

As it turned out, the actress was familiar with Cardle’s work and liked it. The pair had a few online conversations before Markle suggested the two of them should arrange a date. However, the British singer met someone else and ended up ghosting Meghan.

Prince Harry could have dated another actress as well. The American comedian Sarah Silverman revealed that she urged the Underworld star Kate Beckinsale to date the ginger royal.

So, if Harry hadn’t met Meghan, there could have been Duchess Kate number 2!