She’ll Never Be Forgotten: Kate Middleton Pays Special Tribute To Princess Diana At Fancy State Banquet

June 4, 2019 12:06

After Donald and Melania Trump arrived in the UK, the Queen decided to honor the American presidential couple with a fancy state banquet in Buckingham Palace.

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As the guests arrived looking all glammed up and gorgeous, we couldn’t take our eyes off Kate Middleton. The Duchess donned a beautiful white gown with a sweetheart neckline.

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The dress looked so delicate, it was almost like Kate was walking in a cloud. Many royal watchers noticed a very special detail about her look, which connects her to Princess Diana.

Paying homage

The Duchess of Cambridge channeled Lady Di as she appeared wearing the breathtaking Lover's Knot tiara, which is believed to be a favorite of the late Princess.

The tiara actually belonged to Diana, who was often seen sporting it at many official events. The gorgeous piece of jewelry was created in 1914 as a special request from Queen Mary.

Queen Elizabeth gifted the tiara to Diana as a wedding gift after she married her son, Prince Charles. The late Princess was, reportedly, forced to give it back after her divorce so the dazzling jewel wasn’t seen in public until Kate Middleton wore it back in 2015.

Melania Trump also decided to honor Princess Diana earlier before the state dinner. The First Lady stepped out in a classy white outfit which was very similar to the look Lady Di sported once.

If it was an intentional choice, then it was a very sweet gesture on Melania’s part.