Over 20 Year Later, A Gay Man Who Was Sexually Abused By His Parents In The Name of "Sex Education" Gets Justice

June 28, 2018 12:17

A judge in the UK has issued jail sentences to a couple who forced their 11-year-old son to perform sexual acts with them. The couple were trying to prove their son was not gay. Judge Maria Lamb heard from the witness, who is now in his 30s, that his father lied to detectives, insisting the defendant was making things up.

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In 1998, the boy complained to police about lewd acts he was forced to perform by his father with his stepmother. He was also coerced to have sex with her at their home in Reading – allegations which the couple denied.

Reading Crown Court Prosecutor Ruby Silva read a statement during the proceedings, noting how in the father’s statement to the police was the abuse was to "keep him on the straight and narrow path." She also noted how their actions were fueled by their irrational fear of having a homosexual as a son.

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According to the Mirror, the “sex education carried out by the boy’s stepmother was supposed to change his perception about sexuality. The court found her guilty of child cruelty, indecent assault, and indecent acts with a child, and sentenced her to nine years in jail.

For coercing his son to indulge in sexual acts, the father of the boy was sentenced to six years in jail. In her closing statement, the judge chastised the couple for their actions, accusing them of neglect and self-gratification.

You have both argued that this whole trial process has weighed heavily on the both of you. This will provide you absolutely no mitigation. This was your own warped sense of right and wrong. The damage that you two have done is unacceptable.

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Speaking after the hearing, the man said he feels finally vindicated, even if it took so long.

It's been a long process, and I tried before. I tried when I was 16, and obviously I was made out to be a liar. A lot of people will ask 'why now?' But it took me that long to convince myself that I had the courage to go through it all again. If my story can reach just one other person, I will be perfectly happy with that.

Sexual abuse and bullying is a common phenomenon in many homes and in most cases, children who are on the receiving end bear the brunt of it. With the advent of the internet, cyber bullying has escalated the situation to unimaginable heights.

Gay people in particular are at even greater risk as homophobia continues to rear its head, both offline and online. If you or anyone you know is being abused or bullied for being gay, it helps to ignore antagonism. Informing appropriate authorities of the situation is also advisable.

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It never hurts to have a few good friends who you can also talk to occasionally. Sometimes, hanging out with the right crowd can greatly reduce bullying. The temptation to take out frustrations on other people may arise, but fighting it is key to staying happy. Or else, the cycle of abuse just continues.

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