Astrologists And Christian Conspiracy Theorists Say That July 27th Blood Moon Could Change The World As We Know It. Do Scientists Agree?

July 18, 2018

Ever heard of the Blood Moon set to take place on July 27? Well, according to Christian conspiracy theorists, this bizarre solar phenomenon is a sign that the end of the world is upon us.

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What it really means

But in reality, this phenomenon, which happens once in 150 years, is the effect of a total lunar eclipse. It is caused by what is known as the Rayleigh scattering.

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During this eclipse, the Moon appears to turn red, but this is only an illusion. The color changes as our satellite turns towards the Earth’s shadow, while some light from the sun still reaches it.

How it happens

Essentially, the Moon's color is still gray, but as we look at it from Earth, we see the sun's reflection on it. How does this happen?


It's due to basic light spectrum principles: The same process that gives sunset its color causes the Moon to appear red. However, some pastors have been warning that this means apocalypse. Should we be afraid?

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Not in the least. Most of their claims are based on parts of the Bible that say the Moon will turn to blood before the “dreadful day of the lord,” particularly in the book of Joel.

Will this affect us?

But, while the Christian conspiracy theorists should not be the reason July 27 is special, astrologists think this rare solar phenomenon could help lovers finally cross paths, or be the start of something exciting in your life.

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There is also the disturbing belief that old people and patients with low blood pressure and cardiovascular disorders may suffer from headaches and minor ailments on this day. However, none of this is supported by scientific evidence.

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