Abby Lee Miller's Latest Post Convinced Fans That She's Passed Away: They Wonder What Happened

June 25, 2019 12:59

Since 2018, Dance Moms sensation Abby Lee Miller's been battling numerous health complications. Her cheerers were on their toes all along and kept praying for her recovery. But now, an undirected tribute has sunken everyone's hearts. 

Previously, Abby had shown her followers that she is braving it out. While getting treated for non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, a type of cancer, she received some major surgeries. One of them chalked down a big mark on her spine.

In a brief post, she bared her scar and opened up about the dreadful experience.

The puzzling post

As far as we know, Abby is pacing fast towards healing. She had disclosed a knee procedure that will make her walk again. The star woman also has many TV appearances lined up.

But any devastating news at this point will also be very believable, considering her struggles with the morbid illness.

On June 25, a photo of her was shared on her official Instagram account. Abby Lee was seen crying in it. What was most confusing about the post was the haunting caption. It included a "#RIP." That could simply denote, she has passed away but, the representatives aren't ready to announce anything too quickly.

One of the worried fans finally explained

Miller's followers were almost convinced she's died. They were wondering in confusion what really happened to her.


Can someone explain Abbys recent post




Do you think she's dead 💀

Then, a person paid attention to another part of her message that wrote "#Linkinbio." On that page, a list of all celebrities was placed who've left us this year. She was just paying tribute to them.


 I think she is just saying rip to all the people who died in 2019 cuz if you look at her story and scroll up it’s a page of all the celebrities who died in 2019

We are glad our nightmare didn't turn into reality. Maybe fans' remarks have alerted Abby to be more elaborative next time. After all, we all got fragile hearts.