Dr. Oz's Life Was Saved From Cancer By One Dreadful But Important Medical Procedure

March 14, 2019 10:58

Despite being the head of his family and the most trusted celebrity doctor, Mehmet Oz has his fears, too. He and his beautiful wife Lisa, who is also a TV personality, have been married for over 3 decades. He is a role model for their 4 children and still has some things to conquer.

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Being a health guru his kids follows him deliberately. Lisa and Oz's eldest daughter, Daphne is pursuing her parent's occupation influenced by their personal successes. She’s been inclined to organics since childhood, especially in healthy eating.

So, what practical advice her father is setting for common folks? Read on!

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One dreadful procedure actually saved his life

During Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month, Dr. Oz narrated his own story to highlight the importance of getting screened on time. It’s pretty normal to be skeptical before a medical procedure like a colonoscopy. The preparation is plain annoying and it’s easy to tell yourself to ignore it, despite risk factors.

To intelligently prevent disease, we should also formulate an early detection. So, Dr. Oz advised to not let your fears win. He told on his official site how he had a narrow escape from cancer, saying:

My doctor found a pre-cancerous polyp that could have morphed into cancer had it not been removed.

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His fans are ready to learn from his experience

The Twitterverse readily recognized the risks of not having regular check-ups. Some commentators were inspired to do it right away.

Well, others resisted it too! Fears don't fade overnight, right?

It only makes sense to nip the evil in the bud when comes to cancer. Yes, such a procedure as colonoscopy can be dreadful, but it's extremely necessary.

Stay healthy and try not to ignore minor symptoms!

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