Michelle Obama Paid A Heartfelt Tribute To Late Disney Star Cameron Boyce Who Passed Away At 20

July 10, 2019 13:32

Cameron Boyce's demise has shaken up everyone to their core. He wasn't only a promising actor, but also, a passionate philanthropist. Now, the former First Lady is celebrating his life for those ventures and much more.

On July 6, Cameron was found lifeless in his bed. According to ABC's report, the young lad had suffered a seizure in his sleep due to his ongoing medical condition, epilepsy. He was just 20 years old and had a golden path ahead of him to succeed.

Exclusive tribute

Michelle Obama had met Cameron twice. Once, he was just a kid and came across her at the White House while filming. Then again, the Descendent star interacted with the honorable lady during a service project. She is humbly announcing herself to be lucky for knowing him personally.

The ex-First Lady of America paid the late Disney star a heartfelt tribute. She took to Instagram and sympathized with his mourning loved ones. Michelle also admired him for his talent that is forever captured in screen-time. She wrote:

Not only did he have incredible talent, but also an incredible heart.

His family is beyond devastated

Cameron's father, Victor Boyce has been updating her son's fans how the family is doing. He expressed his gratitude for receiving so many prayers and comfortable words.

In a tweet, he shared his heartbreak and named this experience a true "nightmare."

His parents can only find solace in sweet memories of their lovely child. He will be dearly missed, indeed. Share this and keep praying for Cameron's bright soul.