Independence Denied! The Queen Has Dismissed Meghan Markle & Prince Harry's Breakaway Plans, According To Reports

March 18, 2019 15:40

Feud or not, the Sussex couple was fated to part from the Cambridge pair. Last year, their plans for moving out of Kensington Palace were already disclosed. Only now, official announcements are being made.

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Recently, the Queen approved Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's settlement in a separate household. This relocation comes ahead of the arrival of Sussex baby, due at the end of April or early May.

The couple will enter their own skies at Windsor’s Frogmore Estate, where it is being renovated to accommodate the young family. Their office will be based at Buckingham Palace along with their own dedicated staff.

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The Queen vetoed the couple's independence

According to Sunday Times reports, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex wished to distance themselves even further from the Cambridge family. However, just in time, Her Majesty intervened to discourage the plans.

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Meghan & Harry are understood to have lobbied for an autonomous new court, free from the jurisdiction of Buckingham Palace. But the joint-funders of their office, Queen Elizabeth and Prince Charles, denied this breakaway. 

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As published on Express UK, a source revealed:

They wanted their household to be entirely independent of Buckingham Palace but were told ‘no’. There is an institutional structure that doesn’t allow that kind of independence.

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The mounting expenses

Ignoring this rejection, the Queen's best interests remain with the couple.

Their Frogmore haven was laying in a run-down state that needed heavy restoration. The renovation costs have hiked to about $3.8 million that will all be bored by the Crown. The great-grandmother-to-be seems to be making sure the Sussex couple have a comfortable life ahead. All for their baby it is!

Do you find this denial of request reasonable? Or maybe, the Sussex family would have functioned better their way?

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