Definitely A Middleton: Prince Louis' Latest Snaps Prove He Remarkably Looks Like His Mom Kate In Childhood

April 23, 2019

Believe it or not, 1 entire year has passed since we first met Prince Louis. The bundle of joy was cradled up in his mom Catherine's warm embrace outside the hospital. Just like his elder siblings, his cuteness is also too much to handle. But the question is who did he take after? Fans have the answer!

Earlier on April 22, Kensington Palace released the latest photos of Prince Louis, a day before his real birthday. His mother, Kate Middleton, was behind the camera as she captured her son's toothless half-smile. Louis was wearing a blue sweater that had a lovely dog printed on it. It complimented the toddler's playful nature.

He is mama's carbon copy

As a bonus, another picture of the little Prince was shared. It was taken at Cambridge family's Norfolk estate. The heir seemed to be enjoying the outdoors as he beamed. The lively maroon outfit made him look incredibly stylish. However, there was something else to notice, too.

Royal editor Emily Nash has served us a comparison that we all needed. She tweeted a side-by-side image of Prince Louis and Catherine. From their naughty smile to their gorgeous eyes, the mother and son looked the same. They are unquestionably alike with their charming faces. 

People agreed with it

The Twitterverse approved their resemblance. They were more than delighted to witness this royal phenomenon. 

Prince Louis is getting more and more adorable by each passing day. His similarity to his mother makes him even more special. Share this and send your love to Her Royal Highnesses.