That Can Be Scandalous! Camilla Was Spotted Kissing A Handsome Man, & It Was Not Prince Charles

June 14, 2019 13:56

It's not very likely for senior royals to break protocols. Recently, Camilla Parker-Bowles was seen snubbing one like it's no big deal. It makes us wonder what is really going on between her and Prince Charles? Why did he allow such a thing?

The Duchess of Cornwall joined her husband in Normandy, France, to mark the D-Day remembrance service on June 6. They meant to honor the late soldiers and veterans of the largest seaborne invasion in history.

Prince Charles' wife looked beyond gorgeous in her stylish beige-golden number by Dior. She teamed her elegant midi-dress with a matching hat designed by Philip Treacy. Camilla accessorized her attire with an exquisite pearl necklace and earrings.

Her smoochy encounter

The members of the British royal family are not permitted to maintain physical contact with their subjects. Camilla totally ignored that protocol. She was spotted being kissed by Volunteer Veteran Arthur Jones at the commemoration service, and he even got a smooch back.

Did she let it happen because she already knew him or what?

History tells us that rule breakers are not tolerated to remain in the glorious Palace. Princess Diana never cared for strict policies while meeting the crowds. Sarah Ferguson was also a rebel.

Could this mean Camilla and Prince Charles headed for the same fate as them? Divorce will be inevitable in that case, which also reconciles with previous rumors.

The First Lady of America had a similar experience

Donald Trump and Melania Trump also attended the 75th anniversary of the D-Day Commemorations. There, the President's wife unexpectedly high-fived 95-year-old veteran, Harold Terence. It was deemed a little flirtatious.

When you are out in public so much, such moments are just bound to happen. Maybe the press shouldn't be so hard on these remarkable ladies. Share this and vouch for the Wales couple to be forever together.