Bluegrass Musician Jeff Austin Has Passed Away At 45 After An Unknown Medical Emergency

June 26, 2019

It's always devastating to bid farewell to talented artists. They make the world melodious and leave it better than it was before. Bluegrass musician, Jeff Austin knew his way around acoustics like a true pro. Now, his notes will no longer ring in our ears.

Born on April 25, 1974, Jeff earned his name as a brilliant mandolinist and singer. He was best known for co-founding the Yonder Mountain String Band along with Dave Johnston. In 2013, he briefly left the squad to attend to her newborn child. A year later, Austin parted ways from them entirely due to creative differences.

Expiry at 45

As published in People magazine, Jeff had passed away on June 24. The sad news of his death was first announced on his former band's Facebook account and his own.

Only two days earlier, his own team had informed that he won't be playing at On at the ROMP Festival, due to a medical emergency that still remains unspecified.

Jeff Austin is survived by his wife, Devlyn, and their three children: Lily Rose (12), Penelope (5), and Jude Patrick (2). He was in Seattle, Washington during his final moments. Sweet Relief donations have been initiated to help his grieving family.

Fans paid their respects to the late musician

Jeff Austin / Facebook

Jeff Austin will be sorely missed. With his artistry, he touched many lives and inspired them. Share this and pray for his departed soul.