Keeping A Low Profile? Prince William Will Skip Lady Gabriella's Royal Wedding Next Week

May 14, 2019 13:29

Another royal wedding has been scheduled this month. Fans will be highly-anticipating the Fab Four's debutб but the hope is null. The Sussex couple is too busy with their first child to bestow their presence anywhere else. What about the Cambridges? Well, they won't make an appearance as well.

Lady Gabriella of Windsor had announced her engagement to Thomas Kingston in 2018. She is the daughter of Queen Elizabeth II's cousin, Prince Michael of Kent. Preparations for her wedding are in order for May 18. It is only one date earlier than Meghan and Harry's nuptials. Gabriella will be walking down the aisle at St. George’s Chapel in Windsor Castle, too.

Prince William will deliberately miss the event

The Duke of Cambridge is the honored president of England’s Football Association. He is obliged to attend the FA Cup final this weekend. This game is an ordinary event, as Prince William had previously snubbed it last year while serving as best man to Prince Harry.

It's highly likely that this time he won't miss it. His wife, Catherine Middleton, is not expected to attend Gabriella's wedding either. Another reason for their absence is being senior royals. Prince William and Kate will draw too much attention to themselves, and it will steal Gabriella's thunder. 

The lady of scandals

Paparazzi are especially interested in this ceremony due to Lady Gabriella's tainted past. Her longterm-boyfriend, Aatish Taseer, acted like a scorned lover after their breakup. He openly claimed in his book that they had swan naked in Buckingham Palace's pool and regularly did drugs.

Lady Gabriella is the 51st in the line of succession, but still, a relative to the monarchy. Maybe, some of the seniors will give her a pleasant surprise by being among the guest.