Oh, Her Privileges! Mom-To-Be Is Scared To Give Birth In The Same Maternity Ward As Meghan Markle

April 12, 2019 15:20

The British royals are entitled to privileges and protocol like no other. Being one, Meghan Markle will also have concessions that she might not even ask for. This had troubled a commoner mom who has the same due date as the Duchess.

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Deviating from tradition, Meghan Markle has not opted for Lindo Wing at St. Mary’s Hospital. Princess Diana had delivered there and so did Catherine Middleton. One night stay in its luxurious room cost around  $9,500. The Sussex stunner has chosen a rather cheap and convenient place to welcome her child, the Frimley Park Hospital. It will only bill $125 per night.

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A mom-to-be is concerned

Adele Mayo is about to give birth at nearly the same time as the Duchess. As published in Express UK, she says that Frimley has only 6 rooms, and only one of them is to her taste, the Mulberry suite. It gives spa-like vibes with aromatherapy, a birthing pool, and low lighting. The mom-to-be has her eyes set on it, but her plan is likely to be faltering.

Prince Harry's beautiful wife is all about nature and she will coincidently like to have the same experience that Adele is wishing for. The worried lady who's likely to lose the suite to Meghan said:

Meghan and I are due at a similar time. I'm kind of hoping that we don't go into labor at the same time because I know that she'll be given the preferential treatment and probably go into the room that I want to. 

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Meghan's impact on other pregnant ladies

Apart from her upcoming labor, the Duchess's other maternity regimes have also affected many moms-to-be. A famous broadcaster and commentator Vanessa Feltz has claimed that her glowy appearance and fashion choices during pregnancy are unrealistic. She remarked about the Duchess:

She’s setting the bar so high, much too high!

Well, we really hope Adele's desire to have that suite gets fulfilled and so does Meghan's. Every pregnant woman deserves the best treatment. Share this and stay tuned to see how it all turns out to be.

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