Oh, Wow! Duchess Camilla Sports Queen Mother's Jewels With Her Emerald-Green Outfit At Buckingham Palace

March 6, 2019

Duchess Camilla dons crown jewels quite frequently. However, every time she puts them on, it opens a new chapter of elegance. Her latest appearance marks another class act of hers!

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Just last month, Prince Charles' beautiful spouse had given Queen Mother jewels by Cartier, a walk of publicity. Camilla made her dour black ensemble fancy with some priceless heirlooms at Lord Carrington service in London. She totally aced the look with a century-old diamond clasp choker and a gorgeous brooch to accentuate her classy look. 

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Sporting the jewels at Buckingham Palace

Just yesterday, Queen Elizabeth II hosted a reception to mark the 50th anniversary of the investiture of the Prince of Wales at Buckingham Palace.

Almost all members of the British monarchy were present to honor the Crown Prince including Meghan along with Prince Harry and Kate beside Prince William. The wife of Charles warmly greeted the guests and beamed with a glow.

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But, what certainly stole the spotlight was another day out of for Queen Mother's Jewelry. The Duchess had donned her trust choker, however this time the brooch featured a green stone droplet. The precious pieces complimented her emerald-green attire perfectly. 

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The Duchess seemed to deserve all the compliments

And the fans served her well! The Twitterverse praised Camilla for her general charisma. They also praised her chic look and charming persona.

Do you feel like adding more to these admirations? We surely do! Share this if you are anticipating the Duchess to wear some more magnificent pieces of Queen Mother Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon.

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