Pals, Not Foes! Experts Observed Kate & Meghan Have Ended Their Rumoured Feud, Signaling Friendship

March 13, 2019 18:05

On more than one occasion, the rift rumors between Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle touched reality. But now, there is also an instance to prove the speculations wrong. That, too, is backed by an expert!

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The most recent fuel to tittle-tattle was when Kate Middleton missed Meghan Markle's lavish baby shower. She celebrated her upcoming motherhood in American with all her celebrity girlfriends.

Did it mean the Duchess of Cambridge was not invited at all? Well, the next observation proves quite the opposite of it.

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Giving friends-like vibes

The Duchess of Sussex and Duchess of Cambridge attended the Commonwealth Day service along the royal family on Sunday, March 11. Their gestures and behavior were carefully analyzed by a body expert, Judi James. She claimed that Her Royal Highnesses have joint forces to shut down the rumors.

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The expert told Cosmopolitan that Meghan was bent to reignite their chemistry, while Kate only took calculative steps. Judi added:

It was clear Kate and Meghan were keen to signal bonds of warm friendship today, rather than either distant or over-congruent displays from the last couple of outings.

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They had started reconciling long ago

Their bonding didn't just come out of nowhere. Meghan was spotted gently embracing her sister-in-law at St. Mary's Magdalene's church gates.

During the entire Christmas service, the Duchesses showed no sign of animosity. This only tells they had worked their differences long ago.

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Do you believe the clouds of enmity have passed or they are just maintaining their public image? Maybe, there was no feud between them at all? Share this and let us know which of the possibility you choose.

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