Queen In Style! Her Majesty Beams In A Lilac Coat-Dress With Velvet Detailing At The Commonwealth Service


March 12, 2019 16:28 By Fabiosa

On Sunday, March 10, the British monarchy attended the Commonwealth Day service at Westminster Abbey. All members graced the event but, the main guest, Queen Elizabeth II stole the most spotlight. At even 92, her charm hasn't faded a bit!

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The ceremony meant to honor the 53 Commonwealth countries around the globe. The Duchess of Sussex and Duchess of Cambridge charmingly arrived at the venue with their respective Prince husbands. The overall energy of the place shot off the roofs because of their delightful presence. Well, until the head of the state came in!

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The Queen of radiance

All attendees entered the church in accordance with their rank. The higher the level, the later they came. The Queen herself made an appearance, the very last. Just like the best saved for the finale!

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Her Majesty had donned a lilac-colored coat featuring velvet buttons and other gorgeous details. Her hat with the floral fixture made her look even more pleasant and welcoming.

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The monarch accessorized her ensemble with black shoes and gloves while carrying a black handbag. Not to ignore, the most stunning aspect of her outfit, her brooch. The gorgeous piece was once given to Queen Victoria as a gift from her aunt the Duchess of Kent. It is thoughtfully designed with a central amethyst and diamonds around it. She rarely sports it but she does, she slays!

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Twinning with the Queen

The future King consort-to-be, Duchess of Cornwall proved one more time she got the same class as the Queen. She channeled Her Majesty and wore the same hued dress. Camilla looked absolutely breathtaking in her moderate-purple outfit, matched with the same black accessories. There is some major twinning happening between them!

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Are you feeling the freshness of spring blossoms through their attires? We sure are! Share this and let us know if you loved their outfits at the occasion!

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