Official Pantone Color Of 2019! Royal Family Is Bang On Trendy With Living Coral Outfits

December 7, 2018 17:11

Trends are set for all people. It's everyone's chance to enter the high street fashion scene. It's very validating to see the royals get on the train too.

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The pioneer of the color industry and it's used in fabric prints, Pantone has announced the color of 2019. It is the hue between pink and orange, the Living Coral. It is an animating and life-affirming shade with deep golden gues embedded deep within it. It symbolizes the softness of the environment and the lack of danger.

Living Coral can awake our innate need of optimism and pursuit of joy. The royals have long used this color to provoke harmony and goodwill.

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Royals following the trend

The color has just been made official but the monarchs have been incorporating this warm color in outfits long before. It radiates a charming effect that effortlessly lifts the spirits of the surroundings.

1. Meghan Markle was not royal by birth by she had an exquisite taste in fashion. She is embracing this hue as her own.


2. The queen of hearts, Kate Middleton donned this shade and made it more fabulous.


3. Not far behind in the race was Princess Eugenie. She paired it up with black and made a solid statement.


4. Sarah Ferguson hit the red carpet wearing this soft orange color. The Duchess of York looked stunning all the way.


5. Another royal, Princess Victoria of Sweden followed the trend too. Is'nt she just gorgeous?


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Hollywood beauties jumping on the same train!

Americans are more likely to catch this trend frenzy. Since the 90s, Living Coral has been their very close friend. Cause, why not?

1. Eva Longoria in her mini-dress added more life to the color. Only she could brighten it up more.


2. Kate Hudson was a vision in Coral. That lace is dreams!


3. Victoria Beckham, the unnamed queen of fashion added a strict edge to the tender hue.


4. The package of sweetness, Anna Kendrick looked more sizzling than usual. Her elegance!


Which look did you like the most? Share this if you are running to the stores for the upcoming color craze!

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