'We're Going To Heaven': James Baker Remembers About George H.W. Bush's Last Words To Him

December 6, 2018 12:02

 The diligent 41st President of America, George H.W Bush served the country from 1989 to 1993. He was among the world's greatest leaders for his humanitarian beliefs and practices.


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He was pronounced dead on 30, November 2018 which was a heartbreaking news for all his followers and admirers. Mr. H.W Bush expired from health complications at the age of 94. According to his family and close ones, H.W Bush departed peacefully and comfortably. 


As a representative of the United States, he had introduced White House to traditional American morales and dedication to directly imply them. He had evidently made the United States a kinder and gentler nation amidst all challenges.

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Last conversation with a friend, James Baker

Former White House Chief of Staff, James Baker and Mr. Bush were friends since 1980s. Nearly 60 years together, he was by his side during all political campaigns. Geroge H.W bush considered him a younger brother. It's obvious that he had to be with his pal during his final hours.

Baker recalled seeing him the last time, Mr. Bush opened his eyes and asked: Jim, Where're we going? to which he replied:

Well, Jefe, we're going to heaven.

And Mr. George said:

That's where I want to go. 

He called his mate, Jim and Mr. Baker called him Jefe which is Spanish for Chef.  Their bond was remarkable and had been tested through the test. His was a solace to Mr. Herbert until his last breath.

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Mr. H.W Bush's last words to his son

Approximate;y 40 minutes before he was announced to be dead, George H.W had a heartwarming conversation with his son, George Bush. The sorrowful son expressed his attachment and gratitude to him telling him that he loves him.

Mr. Herbert Walker Bush replied:

I love you too.

It's satisfying to know that he had his goodbyes properly. Share this and send your prayers to the family. 

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