Health Update: Whoopi Goldberg Shares Her Status After A '24-Hour Bug' Got Her Hospitalized

April 11, 2019 13:43

Whoopi Goldberg had everyone worried with her month-long absence from her show, The View. Her ailment was revealed to be double pneumonia and sepsis which made her feel she's 'going to leave the Earth'. After being through this dreadful experience, its recurrence is still bothering her.

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To our delight, the 63-year-old cohost had returned to the screens. But only days later, she was urgently hospitalized again. It was not as serious as before but it was still scary enough. She is not letting it bring her down and still appears on her show whenever possible.

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Latest health update

During her show's telecast, Whoopi disclosed the details of her current condition. The iconic host is very happy right now that sickness 'came and went'. She had a '24-hour bug' which had both flu and diarrhea-like symptoms. It made her unable to join the Thursday's segment last week. She admitted how badly she missed her audiences.

As reported by Closer Weekly, her health is being closely monitored now with frequent checkups. This near-death encounter has 'shook her up'. She is changing her lifestyle and is more active. Other than that, this health scare compelled her to reconcile with old pals and make peace with them.

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Her reunion with fans and colleagues

Whoopi is grateful for all the love and prayers she received from her admirers. Her comeback was epic and emotional at the same time. When she made a return, all her cohosts rushed to hug her. This brief moment reduced the watchers to tears.

We wish Whoopi finds stability and her health to improve for good. Share this and send your regards to the tough lady.

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