Kate Middleton Is Furious That William's Alleged Mistress Rose Hanbury Was Invited At State Banquet, Reports Say

June 12, 2019 16:51

Since March, tabloids have been actively accusing Prince William of having an extra-marital affair with Rose Hanbury. She happened to be a good friend to Kate Middleton. No confirmed reports have been received about it though.

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The speculations of Prince Harry and Prince William's fall out were long dispersed. However, the reason behind their presumed feud was never revealed.

Journalist Nicole Cliffe proposed a theory of her own after connecting some dots. She claimed the brothers' bad blood was never about Meghan Markle but William's infidelity.

His wife is finally reacting

The Marchioness of Cholmondeley Rose Hanbury was one of the well-heeled guests at the Queen’s decadent state banquet. It was held in honor of the US President Donald Trump’s official visit to the UK.

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The insiders have revealed that Kate Middleton dispised her presence there.

An unknown source told Woman's Day magazine that the Duchess of Cambridge was rather disturbed but didn't let it show, saying:

Kate was no doubt furious when she found out Rose had been invited to the dinner. Not wanting to give any credence to the rumors she insisted Rose was kept at least 30 feet from her at all times.

Thanks to the things the royals have to do for the sake of cameras.  

Should Kate be really worrying?

Rose Hanbury's husband David has remained silent on the grave matter. But apparently, his beloved wife is signaling the call of an upcoming storm herself. At the same event, she was spotted without her wedding ring. It's not a thing to forget at an official meetup. 

Do you think these reportings carry any weight? Maybe it is all circumstantial? Share this and let us know how the Duchess should handle it if this distasteful courtship turns out to be true.