Sarah Ferguson Sweetly Honored Her Ex Prince Andrew After Skipping Trooping The Colours Herself

June 10, 2019 17:08

Sarah Ferguson never misses a chance to bring the royal fans on their toes. The public's been long lobbying for her and Prince Andrew to reestablish their relationship. And now, the Duchess of York has given another hint towards its possibility.

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The former wife of Queen's beloved son Andrew often gives shoutouts to him. On his birthday, she paid a very sweet tribute to him. An old photo of him was posted along with a caption.

On another occasion, Sarah gushed over her handsome ex as he paraded in a dutiful uniform. She congratulated him for being appointed as the new Colonel of The Grenadier Guards. 

Her latest adoration for Andrew

On June 8, the royal family celebrated the Queen's official 93rd birthday marked by the Trooping The Colors ceremony. Many wandered their eyes but couldn't find the Duchess of York around. She had skipped it!

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Nonetheless, the Duchess took to Instagram and expressed how proud she is that her family got to attend it. She gave a special nod to Prince Andrew who also participated in the parade. She wished a happy birthday to the monarch too, writing:

Happy Birthday Your Majesty and very proud of Andrew, Beatrice and Eugenie at Trooping the Colour today.

The couple's admirers readily shipped them. They wanted to make her realize she belongs to the same unit. 


Sarah, We would all like to see you there. You and Andrew are a love match - you always were.


Lovely photos of your family. Thank You for sharing ❤️😃


You belonged there with your family♡ everyone is wishing you and Andrew remarry!


A man in uniform..... Dreamy...... Sarah be happy, he loves you..... It's very obvious..

She might have a trend follower

During her 10 year marriage with Andrew, Sarah broke many royal protocols. She was ultimately looked down by the seniors. This led to personal conflicts and became a major reason for her and Andrew's fall out.

Experts claim Meghan Markle is treading the same path. Prince Harry does love her like Andrew loved Sarah. But, will it be enough?

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Do you think the cracks between Andrew and Sarah's been already filled? Maybe, they are just waiting for the right moment or we are all catching the wrong vibes. Share this and for the time being, just cherish them as good friends.