Game Over For Lady Gaga? Bradley Cooper Looked The Happiest With Irina Shayk & Daughter At The Latest Outing

May 27, 2019 14:37

Apparently, the presumed love triangle between Lady Gaga, Bradley Copper, and Irina Shayk has dissolved now. A Star Is Born actors have proved that their on-screen chemistry was made up after all. The public can't be blamed, as the signs were just too obvious.

It all started at their movie's premiere at the Venice Film Festival held on the island of Lido, on August 31. Bradley chose to remain by his co-star's side while his wife, Irina Shayk, was also attending. The model walked beside Donatella Versace while her boyfriend posed for sensational photographs with Lady Gaga. The fans immediately pointed out brewing romance of her and the film's director.

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Latest photos of Cooper family

Bradley Cooper recently indulged on a family day out with Irina and their baby girl, Lea De Seine. They went to a local Brentwood park and later, had ice cream. The doting father tightly held his precious one in his arms as they soaked in the sun rays.

A scene of perfection was created as they looked so calm and happy with one another. This is what happiness sounds like.

The actor and his model girlfriend were dressed casually and comfortably. There was no sign of discord between them. Does it mean it's over for Lady Gaga? Totally and definitely! We can decipher that Lady and Bradley's bond was just a professional hoax. They claim to be friends and probably, that's what we should believe from now on.

Is he avoiding drama? 

The Hangover star skipped Met Gala 2019, compelling his partner to make a solo-appearance. Irina looked gorgeous beyond words in a royal-blue velvet gown. So, neither Lady Gaga nor Irina had a date for the evening. Bradley evened it out pretty awesomely. 

It's likely that the actors; Bradley and Gaga will prove more in future how they've grown out of their characters. Share this and let us know what you think about the finale of these celebrities' love life.