Princess Or Diva? Joan Collins Walked Like A Glamorous Cindrella At Met Gala 2019's Red Carpet

May 7, 2019 12:45

Joan Collins is well recognized by the British Monarch, Queen Elizabeth II for her exceptional services to charity.  In 2015, she was honored with damehood.  The Diva ain't remotely a royal but, she does know how to carry herself like one. 

At 85, the Dynasty legend is remarkably healthy and fit. It looks as if time took no toll on her beauty. Recently, Joan had spilled the beans about how she manages to keep up a juvenile appearance. She disclosed her fountain of youth to be happiness and fun. Her family is her strength and ultimately pushes her towards longevity.

Her latest red carpet advent

The month of May was all the rage about MET Gala. This year's theme was 'Camp'. The celebrities were instructed to create something appealing because of its bad taste and ironic value. Many emerged on the red carpet with Disney-inspired costumes with a twist. However, the one to totally slay it was Joan.

Collins looked just like Cinderella in her exquisite white gown. She had actually dressed as her character from Dynasty. The feathery details made it appear more poofy and glamorous. She was ladened with diamonds and the jewelry made her more royal than ever. The tiara had countless gems studded on it. One word and feeling: Wow!

Fans were in awe of her


Joan, you look fabulous!!!!❤️


Queen of the world🌹🌹🌹🌹


Joan I think you look STUNNING! Been in the industry for years and STILL looking stunning on the red carpet


Queen of Dynasty camp.

Did she make it to the best-dressed at the event? We don't feel like anything was missing but, do you think it could be more perfect? Share this and let us know if you loved the iconic actress' attire.