Tom Cruise's 13-Year-Old Daughter Suri Was Spotted Rollerblading All Alone In The New York Streets

May 17, 2019 12:57

Time flies insanely fast! Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes' only child Suri turned to a 13-year-old young lady on April 18th. It's just so hard to realize that this then-newborn girl is already a teenager with own dreams, hobbies, and visions for the future. 

Even though Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes aren't together any longer, Suri lives only with her beloved mother who tries to show the world from different perspectives. 

The New Yorker

Super adorable Suri Cruise was spotted rollerblading on the streets of sunny New York City. The girl was without any of her parents, but nanny. 

The 13-year-old A-list kiddo was wearing a demure red summer dress with a huge white bag on her fragile shoulder. Surely, her rollerblade costume included a helmet and a pair of roller-skates.

Suri Cruise looked joyous — yet, a bit puzzled as she was photographed by camera people. However, it seems she has to get used to such fame due to her high-profile parents Tom and Katie.

Please, help us decide, who Suri resembles more: her beautiful mother Katie or handsome father Tom?

Are Suri and Tom on good terms?

It's really unknown. After the divorce in 2012, Katie Holmes received sole custody, whereas Tom Cruise had visit rights. The last time when the father and daughter went out together publicly was 2013. So, until now it's very hard to tell whether or not Tom visits Suri. 

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes' marriage was followed closely and with the birth of Suri, their lives turned out to be more public. However, everything happens as it should be!