Steve Harvey Reportedly Fires All His Daytime Show's Staff After The Shocking Cancelation

May 29, 2019 12:22

The all-time great TV host Steve Harvey is leaving his popular show Steve on NBC Universal after it got canceled. Reportedly, it's all because of Kelly Clarkson.

This daytime show was being broadcasted for three years, adding up to five years of 'Steve Harvey' show. The news came as shock for his loyal fans; Harvey, in his turn, said he wasn't surprised whatsoever. 

He also added that Kelly Clarkson’s new show will probably replace his own one on NBC, so he should look for something else now.

Steve Harvey reportedly fired his long-time show staff after the 'Steve' cancelation. According to Radar Online, the TV host filmed the last episode of the show and "has already moved on."

Harvey allegedly hasn't answered any of his former staff's emails and calls. A source says Steve is "the King of being not grateful."

The source also adds some bad words about Steve Harvey and his unreasonable attitude toward people he was working with for a really long time.

Notably, NBC has quickly replaced Harvey with Melissa McCarthy as host of Little Big Shots. It was also reported that IMG spent the last several months looking for some new stations in major cities like New York, Los Angeles, and Chicago to keep Harvey on air.

Hopefully, Steve Harvey will find a way out of this situation and be back on the screen to surprise and delight his loyal fans once again.