241 Days Without Her Dear Parent: Meghan McCain's Heart Still Hurts Over Her Father's Death Almost A Year Ago

April 25, 2019 16:12

One of the most gruesome moments in life is losing a beloved person, especially the one you've been side by side from the beginning till the end. 

Meghan McCain gets tearful every time she mentions her late father, John McCain, who died nearly a year ago. The entire family broke down while saying their unwanted goodbyes to the father, husband, friend, and backbone.

Still in grief

It's been more than eight months, but Meghan McCain still can't be fine. She counts days of her dearest father's demise and you can feel her indescribable pain in a chest. 

The recent post highlights how much Meghan mourns John's demise. She shared some touching words:

241 days...I miss you every. single. day. I still can’t go back home to Arizona.

You know this feeling when a song, music, specific place or even scent reminds you of somebody? And you feel something hard inside yourself like you cannot breathe normally any longer? That's what Meghan has been experiencing since losing her parent.

Many people can relate to this horrifying feeling inside one's heart. The McCain dynasty is admittedly trying to move on and enjoy the rest of their lives, but the aching effect of saying goodbye is still present. 

The View co-host is doing strong as she's having some of the support beside her, mainly her husband of two years, Ben Domenech.

Support from fans


My dad died in 1988. Grief does not go away, we just find a "new normal". Your right though. Sundays was our day as well.


Missing our moms and dads never gets easier no matter how much time goes by


He is missed by so many😢💔


He’s always with you ❤️. I miss my Dad every single day; it’s been 5 years. *hugs* the memories make it bearable

For everybody who is heartbroken over beloved one's death, stay strong. Always.