Kristoff St. John Will Finally Be With His Son As He Will Be Rested In Peace Beside His Child

March 5, 2019 13:05

Life is so darn short. A month ago, The Young and the Restless's Kristoff St. John passed away from apparent alcohol overdose. He was only 52. 

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According to family and friends, he couldn't cope with his son's passing, who took his own life due to schizophrenia. It resulted in alcohol abuse, and consequently, his own death. 

But they are now together 

Kristoff's ex-wife, Mia St. John, announced his funeral on Monday. The actor is rested next to his beloved son, late 24-year-old Julian. 

The A-list star was in deep grief after his son's demise and expressed numerous times how much he missed him. Well, now, the two will be lying down side-by-side on the graveyard. 

However, Kristoff St. John's fiancée, a Russian supermodel Kseniya Mikhaleva, won't be able to put flowers on her beau's grave and say goodbye. The reason is so stupid. The Embassy refused her appliance for an emergency visa, and now, she can't be at the funeral. 

Mikhaleva posted a photo with her late fiancé and wrote heartfelt words:

I still cannot believe that Kristoff is gone, so early, so unexpectedly, one month after our last meeting in Moscow. It's scary, painful, and disgusting that I cannot be with my loved one and his family on his last journey to eternal peace.

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The whole situation makes us cry so hard. Life is so unfair...

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