Meghan Markle Hid The Full Family Story From Prince Harry, According To Samantha Markle's New Allegations

March 4, 2019

You know that one mosquito or fly that makes you off the handle? That one that annoys you to the fullest? Well, that's precisely our feelings when we read different drama stories, allegations, and strong language expressions toward Meghan Markle and Prince Harry

It seems like Harry is a wuss

Meghan's half-sister Samantha Markle called Harry 'a wuss' and Meghan 'the Duchess of Nonsense' for treating her family inappropriately. 

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Samantha is now writing the book about her sister just to show Meghan's true colors to the world. It seems like she will include absolutely anything that is not true just to be in the spotlight. 

Updates from Sam

Samantha Markle finally said the actual reason for the family feud. Two years ago, when Meghan and Harry got engaged, the Prince told that the royal family had become "the family that Meghan never had."

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These words seemingly hurt the Markles' feelings as Meghan's half-sister said:

The first thing I thought was I don’t think Harry has been given the full story. Something was not right. Though we weren’t the classic family together on schedule for every holiday, we were family. Then we questioned why, why would she be embarrassed about her family? It was starting to feel like she wasn’t reaching out to the family.

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We don't know what to believe, but all we want is peace for Meghan and Harry, especially before welcoming their first child next month

More, more drama!

Well yeah, as it becomes apparent, Samantha Markle puts her anger either on Prince Harry or Meghan Markle. Social media is always angry at her over the allegations and the lies she has been bringing for a long time. 

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Do you think this rift will ever end? Let's pray it day!

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