"Children Should Be Off Limits": Melania Trump, As A True Mother, Protects Barron From Media Attacks

December 17, 2018 10:59

Though the Trumps are always in the spotlight, Melania always tries to keep Barron's low profile. 

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Barron Trump doesn't look like his siblings and tries to be cagey as much as he can. That's one of the reasons why he rarely attends any social occasion or is seen somewhere with his own parents. 

First Lady has conceded several times about her concerns regarding his privacy, and thus, she tries her best to keep him away from the public eye.

Off limits

A lot of people criticize and slam the Trumps, including Barron. It doesn't happen often, but recently this angelic kid faced some attacks. The criticism has brought up Melania and Donald Trump's son Barron as a cudgel to bash the 12-year-old's father. As a doting mother, she answered with a short statement that "children should be off limits."


Besides, FLOTUS confidently added that she would do anything to give the best childhood to Barron and protect him by all means. 


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Though Melania Trump is often slammed for faking her emotions and feelings, she does care a lot about her 12-year-old son and tries to keep him away from violence, pain, and attacks. 


Barron Trump is reportedly a bully's victim at school. It says that a boy faces only verbal bullying regarding the fact his father is the U.S. President. 


Mr. Trump junior has to deal with teasing and hearing various negative words about his family. Barron tries to respond to offenders, but it seems like they continue bullying him. 


Melania has claimed that she's way too concerned about her son, and hopes to give him a normal life, away from the judgments and media. 

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