Meghan Markle Will Spend International Women's Day At Work Despite Being Heavily Pregnant

March 5, 2019 14:07

Royalty changes everything to the core. It seems like Meghan Markle had to alter a lot of things since now, she has to fulfill a wide range of royal duties whether she is tired or not, in the mood for it or not, etc. 

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Meghan wasn't a royal yet on the last International Women’s Day. Moreover, she wasn't pregnant back then, so life seemed a bit lightweight. But not now. 

No rest for the pregnant woman 

Duchess Meghan has powerful plans for International Women’s Day 2019. Being heavily pregnant doesn't stop her from accomplishing her royal commitments. 

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Meghan Markle will come back to her feminist roots. Kensington Palance announced that the Duchess of Sussex will participate in a group discussion orchestrated by The Queen’s Commonwealth Trust.

The former Suits star will address a plethora of topics during the discussion, including access to education, inequality in the workplace, and the positive repercussions of more opportunities for females. 

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Despite the fact of being 7 months pregnant, Meghan Markle surprises the world with her energy, mobility, and eagerness to travel, attend social occasions, and fulfill royal duties. 

It's so close to the childbirth

Meghan Markle is about 34 weeks pregnant, meaning there are only about six or a bit more weeks of waiting. The childbirth will be the most remarkable event for the British monarchy and the entire world. 

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Do you think it's going to be a boy or a girl? Share your opinions in the comments. 

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