"No Hate, Just Love": Andy Cohen Emotionally Recalls What He Saw In His Son Benjamin's Eyes When He Was Born

May 10, 2019 17:34

Being inspired by Hoda Kotb, Andy Cohen found happiness in having a child via surrogacy. The Bravo host welcomed his son Benjamin a couple of months ago and has been on the seventh heaven since then.

It seems like everyone saw and held Benjamin when the Emmy-winning personality introduced a bundle of joy to the world. Even though it's unknown whether or not Andy Cohen is seeing someone, he is now a single father-of-one.

Kids are a lot of fun

Only a parent can understand the core value of having a child. It takes much attention, responsibility, efforts, and care, but parenthood is beautiful, anywise.

Andy Cohen received the Vito Russo award at the 30th Annual GLAAD Media Awards several days ago. He made a heartfelt and admiring speech about his son: 

I looked into his eyes and I saw that there was no hate, no bias, no bigotry, just love.

The proud father also added:

That's how we come into this world and that is how we hopefully one day we will all live in it.

The hosting sensation is also thankful for being gay, but he admits the fight "isn't over," as he is the father now. He hopes to be positive and help Benjamin live in a great world. 

So much love!

Being a single parent isn't easy, but nothing is impossible. Whether one is a single mother or father, it can be challenging. However, with the support and help of own parents and close friends, it is possible to focus on essentials. 

Andy Cohen's best part of the day is when his own parents talk to him and grandson Benjamin through the phone. The expressions on their faces say it all. Andy’s parents are absolutely excited, and Ben has a pure look of wonder!

This is just a small shoutout to everyone who is a single parent: focus on what makes you stronger and forget what might weaken you.