Lookalikes! Julia Roberts' Niece Emma Underwent Major Hair Transformation And Is Now A Carbon Copy Of Her Aunt

April 26, 2019 13:08

Well, everybody knows Julia Roberts. It's like old news already, but does everyone know her beloved niece Emma? She's as talented, intelligent, and stunning as the Pretty Woman star. 

Even though Emma's father Eric Roberts is no less famous Hollywood actor, the young lady confesses that her aunt is her true inspiration.


Frankly speaking, Emma Roberts resembles Julia so much. They mostly look like sisters rather than niece and aunt. And with Emma's new hairstyle transformation, it's even more obvious!

During a short period of time, the We're the Millers star had a chin-length bob and was brunette. It actually suited her ideally, showcasing her pretty feminine face. 

Notwithstanding, Emma decided to change her life after splitting with boyfriend and starting a new relationship. The young woman had her silky hair long and turned into a blonde! And tbh, she looks like Julia Roberts so much!

The Runaway Bride star was also brunette and ginger, and now she is blonde. So, can everyone see the similarity between Julia and Emma Roberts' appearances?

Fans readily noticed the resemblance


Young Julia Roberts 💯 can’t unsee it 👍🏽


You look so much like Julia in this omg


The long wavy blonde hair is so iconic


@elsmaillike aunt like niece 😍

Well, isn't it amazing? They have such a strong bond and it's wonderful!