Tony Braxton's 24-Year-Old Niece's Autopsy Discloses She Passed Away Not From A Heart Condition

June 27, 2019

Young deaths are the most gruesome. On April 29, Toni Braxton’s niece, Lauren, died from an alleged heart condition per reports' statement. The girl was only 24.

The Braxton family was mourning the loss of this beautiful young lady. The saddest part is that Lauren was so ambitions and full-of-life that she wanted to achieve many, many dreams and goals throughout a lifespan. But she couldn't...

The official cause of demise

Back in April, Lauren's parents refused to comment on any reason for her death. Though several reports stated about an unknown heart condition, the truth has become into the light.

According to E! News, the autopsy — which was conducted in Maryland where Lauren died — showed the young girl died from "a heroin overdose and fentanyl intoxication."

Before, Tony Braxton paid a heartfelt tribute to her niece:

R.I.P to my amazing niece Lauren ‘Lo Lo’ Braxton…I’m still in disbelief and so very heartbroken 😥💔 Love you…always auntie ‘Te Te,’” Toni wrote in the caption.

So sad her life had to end this way. Lauren was really young and her life was ahead of her.

Drug experience 

It is unknown how long and often Lauren Braxton was a drug abuser or whether she was at all in that matter, but Toni Braxton had some experience with weed.

The R & B star claimed she tried to smoke marijuana but got "really paranoid." But surely, weed is nothing compared to heroin.

Let's wish the best for the Braxton family. Amen.