For Real? Paul Reiser And Helen Hunt Are Coming Back To 'Mad About You' And Fans Are Thrilled!

March 7, 2019

One of the iconic TV series Mad About You were successfully broadcasting from 1992 to 1999. The series are about the daily life of Paul and Jamie Buckman, a young married couple from New York, as well as their relatives, friends, and neighbors.

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Mad About You were multiple times nominated for various awards, and consequently, won more than 5 during the time of being aired on TV.

And we have great news!

When the reboots of Roseanne and Will & Grace hit so strong, one of the other classic TV shows rumored to be coming back was Mad About You, starring Paul Reiser and Helen Hunt. 

At first, there was a buzz around such announcement, but things have gotten calmer by now. Mad About You will definitely return to the television in a limited series as a Spectrum Original with co-creator Peter Tolan being a showrunner.

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Nearly 20 years after the original plot about the characters' marriage went off the air, it will have Paul and Jamie coping with empty nest syndrome as their daughter, Mabel, goes to college. 

Thus, they have to adjust to the next chapter in their lives and the fact that they’ve reached middle age.

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The two said that they "are so excited to finally be doing this" after 2 decades.

How people reacted on social media 

So, what about you? Are you excited to see an upgraded version of Mad About You? Share your opinions in the comments. 

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