Rest In Peace, Ray Chavez! The Oldest US Pearl Harbor Survivor Dies At 106

November 23, 2018

Pearl Harbor attack was one of the most gruesome. It happened on December 4, 1941, when Japanese 353 armed forces planes attacked the Harbor. As a result, hundreds of vehicles, types of equipment, appliances, and people brutally died due to massive Japanese bombs. 

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Though the USA didn't plan to take part in the WWII, this cruel and cowardly attack caused a lot of turmoil, and thus North America entered the war. 

Attack survivor

Ray Chavez, 106, was the oldest Pearl Harbor survivor, who died just today. He was a quartermaster stationed in Pearl Harbor at the time of the Japanese attack on Hawaii.

Chavez lived in Poway, California with his lovely family. He preferred a peaceful life, but he had a chance to travel across the country and pay visits to commemorations and memorial services. Moreover, he had an opportunity to meet Donald Trump in the White House ahead of Memorial Day. 

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Chavez family is deeply sad but claimed that Ray was happy to be American.

Ray was honored to have served his country and to fight among heroes and loved meeting his fellow comrades. He cherished his time going to talk to the kids at schools because he doesn't want them to forget Pearl Harbor.


Since the lion-hearted man's health was vigorously declining in the recent months, he finished his final chapter. The veteran passed away peacefully in his sleep. 

Together we're stronger

The Pearl Harbor Survivors Association (PHSA), founded in 1958 and recognized by the United States Congress in 1985, was a World War II veterans organization whose members were on Pearl Harbor.

The Organisation helped veterans in all their needs, and all of them was honored with a bronze medal. 

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Rest in peace, Ray! You've been honored and admired by millions!

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