26-Year-Old Grammy Award-Winning Producer, DJ Official, Tragically Dies In A Car Shooting

June 19, 2019 11:40

Four months ago, DJ Official — born Leslie André Wakefield Jr. — won a Grammy award after collaborating with American singer Cardi B. This young man was just 26 years old and already achieved such significant hights in his career. How admiring!

His life was cut short

However, the producer's life came to an end — he was shot dead in Los Angeles on June 15th. 

DJ official was sitting in a car with another man when, suddenly, another vehicle drove up beside them and opened horrifying fire. Both men were victims of the shooting but the entire information was only brought up this week. 

The Grammy Award-winning star suffered several severe gunshot wounds and was pronounced dead afterward, whereas the other guy remains in a stable condition.

Authorities did not share any description of the offenders, but some say it's 'a gang-related' shooting — though, the producer's grandfather claimed Leslie André Wakefield Jr. didn't belong to any gang or anything like that. 

Heartbreaking tributes


Rip King🙏


RIP to my lil cousin Andre Wakefield aka DJ Official! So proud of you! Love you fam!! #djofficial


Rest in paradise. You produced some bangers and this violence is tragic. Rest east king.

Earlier this year, DJ Official fathered his first-time child, who is now going to be without dad forever. Rest in peace!