Does Meghan Markle Miss Social Media? People Assume She's The One Who Runs The Sussex Instagram Account


April 17, 2019 17:11 By Fabiosa

Meghan Markle has been in different positions during her royal life. Royal experts, biographers, and 'fans' have continually accused her of making Prince Harry "aloof and grumpy," clinging onto him too much, and breaking the royal protocol. But, she is also a kind-hearted and intelligent person.

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Instagram page for the Sussex couple

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex have now an Instagram page, reaching out more than 2 million followers within a single day. While some people are delighted over such news, the rest of the world has already invented some speculations or even allegations toward Meghan.

A leading brand expert, Nick Ede, firmly believes Meghan Markle is "taking control" over the social media. Some fans also think the Duchess is running the Instagram account, but what's the big deal about that?

Even though Ede speculated that the Sussex couple would post a photo of their newborn baby before anyone else, Harry and Meghan's private birth plan would deny his remark.

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Perhaps, the main reason for thinking that only Meghan controls the Instagram account is due to her previous 'blogging' life before deleting all social profiles ahead of the royal wedding. 

Reactions of fans 

Despite everything, fans are truly happy to be now following Meghan and Harry's life.

Everybody wants to use some minutes on social media, including royals. So, it's totally okay if Meghan runs the Sussex's profile on Instagram. Don't you think?

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