Alec And Hilaria Baldwin Tenderly Kiss As If It Was For The First Time On Their 7th Wedding Anniversary

July 3, 2019

Hilaria Baldwin has recently claimed her husband Alec is an “old school parent.”

Alec believes that moms should take care of children, and fathers can just play with them from time to time.

Alec’s a little bit more old school, a ‘You’re the mom, you take care of the kids, and then I will come and go and I will read a book with them every once in a while’ kind of thing.

And even though Hilaria and Alec have different points of view regarding parenting, their marriage is considered to be perfect. The couple officially tied the knot on June 30, 2012, at St. Patrick's Old Cathedral in New York City.

Alec and Hilaria already have four mutual children: daughter Carmen and sons Rafael, Leonardo Angel Charles, and Romeo Alejandro David.

Wedding anniversary

A couple of days ago, Alec and Hilaria Baldwin celebrated the seventh wedding anniversary.

On his official Instagram account, Alec posted a touching snap with his wife, showing off their tender kiss.

Sometimes I wonder if one or two of our kids have big heads. And then I see this photo and it all becomes clear.

How romantic!

My husband made me take this photo like 12 times...he was blaming it on that his head is so big and my arms aren’t long enough to put it in perspective🤣...maybe he just wanted to kiss me more tho 😂...happy 7th wedding anniversary, Alec

Congratulations, Alec and Hilaria Baldwin! Your couple is so inspiring!