Day Four: Her Majesty Dazzles In A Perfect Raspberry Pink Outfit At The Royal Ascot 2019

June 24, 2019

Each year, royal family members attend the Royal Ascot and surprise the public with their stunning outlooks. Turns out, there are some rules they need to follow while choosing the outfit for the incredible annual event.

For example, Her Majesty’s own hat maker has recently explained the important “4-inch” rule at the Royal Ascot.

If you are in the Royal Enclosure, you must wear a hat with a fixed base of at least four inches. I always encourage clients to go larger than smaller — it’s the one occasion where everyone is in hats and you don’t feel out of place going bold. In fact, you will regret if you don’t!

How do you like this rule?

Queen’s new outfit

Her Majesty has recently attended the Royal Ascot, wearing a perfect raspberry pink outfit. 

It was the fourth day of the horse racing event, and the public was surprised by how stylish the Queen looked!

She looked gorgeous as always! It was impossible to take eyes off her!

Royal fans’ reaction

People can’t stop discussing Her Majesty’s elegant outfit at their social media accounts, claiming the shade of pink was indeed perfect!

The Queen looked stunning as always!