Prince Andrew Makes The Sweetest Tribute To Ex-Wife Sarah Ferguson On Beatrice's Christening Anniversary

June 13, 2019 18:35

Sarah Ferguson has recently paid tribute to Prince Andrew at daughter’s wedding, and a lot of people thought she still loves him.

She opened up that at Princess Eugenie’s wedding she carried a vintage Manolo Blank bag, which her late mother carried at Duchess of York’s own wedding to Prince Andrew.

Sarah Ferguson also said she chose a green outfit for the big day because her admission tickets to the wedding were also green.

Strong connection between exes!

Prince Andrew has recently paid a touching tribute to his ex-wife Sarah Ferguson in daughter christening anniversary.

He shared some snaps on his Instagram Stories, highlighting the history of St. James's Palace.

He wrote:

The Chapel Royal is based in the grounds of St. James's Palace, which is the site of many royal events, including the marriage of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert in 1840 and the christening of Princess Beatrice.

One of the photos showed his eldest daughter, wrapped in a christening gown as she was held by her mother.

hrhthedukeofyork / Instagram

By the way, it was previously reported that the Duchess of York was ready to sell her love for $750,000 after facing bankruptcy. Turned out, she was seen accepting a bribe in exchange for giving access to her former husband in 2010.

But despite scandals there is no doubt they have a special connection!