Boston Tower's Falling Down - No More Delicious Ice-Cream; Can The Historical Barn Be Restored?

October 25, 2018

If you live in Lunenburg, then you are most likely doleful at the news that your favorite ice cream farm might be gone forever. It must have been heartbreaking to hear the news that this farm that has serviced a lot of people over the years, is now in ruins.

Cherry hill farm

The Cherry Hill Farm is situated in a port town in Lunenburg County, Nova Scotia, Canada. It has been known to serve one of the best ice creams to people for years, and is so popular for its different flavors. So many people on social media have termed it their favorite ice cream spot.

The farm also has the best review on, with many commending how amazingly good their ice cream is.

The accident that changed it all

On October 14th, the Lunenburg Police and their Fire department were alerted to a situation at the farm. This was about 10:50 in the morning. 

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Unlike this cutest abandoned and old house, restored  by an owner, the old tower did not survive the test of time. A silo containing grain collapsed on the main barn and the effect was catastrophic. 

13 calves were trapped inside the barn. They were later freed with the help of the employees and those who responded to the scene of the accident. No humans suffered any damage, but the sight of the destroyed old darling spot is a pain to see. 

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