'Little People' Drama Is On! Amy Roloff Claims Her Ex-Husband Matt Doesn’t Want Their Son Jacob Getting Married On The Farm

July 22, 2019

Little People, Big World star Amy Roloff is claiming her former husband Matt doesn’t want their son Jacob to get married on the farm.

Ever since Amy and Matt’s divorce, Jacob has had a fractured relationship with his dad for a while now.

Amy’s decision on the Roloff farm

The matriarch of the Roloff family announced to her fans on Instagram that she made a “big decision.” Fans who could hardly contain their excitement speculated that Amy’s decision could be about Tori Roloff’s pregnancy, her boyfriend Chris, or the future of Roloff farms.

However, her decision was to sell the farm to her ex-partner and make sure her son could get married there.

Wedding drama

Looks like there’s another Roloff family drama brewing. This time, the matriarch of the family claims her ex-husband doesn’t want their son Jacob and his fiancée, Isabel Rock, to get married on the Roloff farms.

The Little People, Big World star in a Facebook live video claimed that her son and ex-husband’s relationship is in such a fragile state that Matt forbid Jacob from having his wedding on the family’s property.

In the video, Amy revealed that though she didn’t have the financial means to buy out the farm, her big decision came down to making sure Jacob and Isabel would be able to get married on Roloff farms.

The reality TV star said:

When we first agreed to this back in January of 2019… I put down November 1 of 2019, because originally he had kind of suggested, ‘nope Jacob is not going to get married here. And I thought ‘Jacob not married on the farm? What is he talking about?’ All the kids got married on the farm… No way! To make sure that [the wedding] happens [before] November 1, they’re getting married this September.

Important wedding detail

Fans of The Little People, Big World were shattered when Jacob Roloff and Isabel Rock revealed that their wedding will not be aired on the TV show.

The couple would be saying their "I do's" on September 7, 2019, without the entire TLC universe to be a part of their special day.

Hopefully, the Roloff family will be able to put this drama to bed very soon.