List Of Meghan Markle’s $1.4M Luxury Pregnancy Revealed By 'Express'. But Who Is Going To Pay For It?

May 10, 2019

From luxury getaways to pricey acupuncture treatments and a very stylish and elegant maternity wardrobe, Meghan Markle’s pregnancy is estimated to have cost a whopping $1.4 million. As a member of the royal family, outfits usually come with a hefty price tag.

Royalty in style

Since she became the Duchess of Sussex in 2018, it appears that Meghan Markle spent a pretty penny on her outfits. She quickly became a fashion icon for many, as public attention was shifted to her after she got married to Prince Harry.

But the question on the lips of fans is, how much does it cost to dress up like the Duchess of Sussex?

Fashion experts from Vogue magazine calculated that Megan’s clothing last year cost around $900,000 in total. That sounds like a lot, but the Duchess always made a fashion statement at every royal engagement. No wonder she was included in the list of best-dressed women in 2018.

Unlike Meghan, Kate Middleton is modest in her wardrobe expenses, she spent 5 times less on her clothes last year than her sister-in-law, according to Vogue.

How much did Meghan’s pregnancy cost?

Reportedly, Meghan's acupuncture treatments from celebrity acupuncturist cost up to $8,120 a year for weekly sessions. According to Express, the Duchess received top notch medical care, including trips to herbal wellness clinic and support from a doula. Meghan’s doula is estimated to cost up to $1,690 for 10 one-hour sessions.

Meanwhile, her pregnancy wardrobe is said to have cost $650,700. The Duchess opted for custom made pieces from fashion labels instead of maternity brands

She also splurged money on extravagant holiday getaways before giving birth. In March, Meghan had a luxurious baby shower held in a private suite at the Mark Hotel, New York. The suite costs $72,880 for a night. The week-long trip cost more than half a million dollars.

Prince Harry and his pregnant wife jetted off to Hampshire for a three-day “babymoon” at a luxury spa, Heckfield Place taking a break for some relaxation time. The couple reportedly went for a $13,015-a-night Long Room.

Kate spent less on her maternity wardrobe

In 2018, Meghan outdid other royal family members. The cost of her wardrobe for that year amounted to $509,280. This includes her wedding dress and the jewellery she wore over the year, that make up $233,000 of that sum.

In comparison to Meghan, the Duchess of Cambridge’s 2018 wardrobe cost only $85,097.

According to, the total cost of Meghan’s pregnancy wardrobe (from August, before the pregnancy announcement, to her Commonwealth Day look) is $675,000.

This figure is seven times higher than the total price of Kate’s maternity wardrobe (the outfits she wore while pregnant with Prince Louis). The Duchess of Cambridge is known for re-wearing her old outfits on numerous occasions.

How much does it actually cost to look as elegant as royal women?