Royal Family Is Searching For A New Pilot. Is Meghan A Reason For His Quit Because Of Her 'Difficult' Temper?

April 17, 2019 10:21

Another staff member of the royal family has quit. The pilot whohas left recently is the latest staff member to leave since Meghan Markle became a member of the royal family.

Why staff leave

When another member of the Duchess of Sussex’s staff quit, people began to wonder if the problem wasn’t Meghan herself. Dickie Arbiter, who is a royal expert, said there might have been many other reasons for staff leaving the royal household.

An arbiter, who had worked as the press secretary for the Queen for 12 years, noted that working for royals can become more intense with time. He reminded that Edward Lane Fox, Prince Harry’s private secretary, as well as Prince William’s private secretary Miguel Head, all quit their jobs after some time but nobody talked about it.

Royal pilot quits

A search has begun to recruit a new helicopter pilot for the royal family after their veteran chopper captain quit. Was it over Meghan’s diva antics?

Information obtained from said the pilot got tired of making constant food trips to satisfy Meghan’s pregnancy cravings. A palace insider told the online medium that Prince Harry was constantly ordering him to get weird snacks for the Duchess until he finally objected.

There's an advert now for a new chopper pilot who will earn up to $105,000 and take control of the royal family's private $13 million Sikorsky S76 C++ craft.

Hurricane Meghan

We previously reported that a few months after Meghan joined the family, two of her personal aides left their jobs. 

According to royal insiders, Meghan gets up at 5 in the morning and runs around the palace like a tornado. Then the Duchess of Sussex sends the palace staff 6 to 7 texts with new ideas and requests.

With changes the Duchess of Sussex has brought, this led to Kensington Palace's staff calling her Hurricane Meghan.

The former actress is pumped with ideas on how to be Harry's wife in the best way possible. We hope not to hear about any other job-quitting soon!