Hello, Cutie! Sandra Bullock Adopts The Most Adorable Rescue Pup, Nearly 1 Year After Losing Her Two Dogs

July 19, 2019 11:06

Pet owners know that their beloved companions are always there to cheer and console when life gets harder. Pets make us smile and teach us unconditional love, that’s why is so hard to say goodbye to them. Sandra Bullock knows this from the first hand.

Losing a loved one is incredibly painful but losing three of them is just unimaginable. The Hollywood beauty lost her dad and juts weeks after, her two rescue dogs passed away within days of each other.

They were her closest comrades and the most loyal buddies. But a year has passed, and Sandra finally got ready to welcome another pup into her family.

Adopting a new dog

Sandra Bullock has become a parent to a new pup! According to Us Weekly, the actress rescued a 2-year-old poodle earlier this month with her boyfriend, Bryan Randall.

The couple was seen at the Just Food for Dogs pet store where they got a consultation as to what would be the best food for their new dog.

According to a source, Bullock was very “nice” and “down-to-earth.” It appears she enjoys a simple lifestyle and doesn’t “act like a celebrity” at all.

The Hollywood megastar is not the only actress who got a puppy recently. Nicole Kidman made her life-long wish come true and welcomed her first-ever dog to a family as well.

It looks like it’s a celebrity trend we can totally stand behind!