Kate Hudson Posts New Video With Daughter Rani Rose, And She Looks As Charismatic As Kurt Russell


March 11, 2019 18:03 By Fabiosa

In the fall, Kate Hudson welcomed her one and only precious daughter – Rani Rose. And without any doubt, this new addition to the family (the actress already has 2 sons from her previous relationships), has changed her life forever.

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Even Kurt Russell, the long-term partner of Kate’s mom Goldie Hawn, has confirmed that his daughter-in-law has a unique approach to parenting the new baby. As Hudson revealed in an interview to AOL Entertainment, she wants to raise Rani with a 'genderless approach':

I will say that right now she [Rani] is incredibly feminine in her energy, her sounds, and her way. It's very different from the boys. 


Recently, the two beauties have celebrated International Women’s Day

To mark the occasion, Kate took to Instagram to share a sweet selfie-video with Rani Rose snuggling together with her mom. In it, the actress congratulated fellow women, waving her daughter’s arm in a solidarity gesture.

Of course, followers couldn’t take their eyes of the precious baby. And we couldn’t help but notice how charismatic she is – just like Kurt Russel. Yes, we know, the two are not biologically related, but you can’t deny they share some similarities.

People rushed to the comment section to shower ladies with love


Your baby so cute


Omygosh what a cutie 💕


I can't stop waitching this video. ❤️


Omg, just to much cuteness

Thank you for congratulations, Kate!

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