Amy Roloff Shares Her Grandson Jackson’s New Milestone: He Plays Basketball Like A Pro

July 23, 2019

Amy Roloff can’t get enough of her adorable grandkids, and we understand why – they all are real cuties! Earlier these days, Amy shared a brand new photo of little Jackson. This boy grows up so fast!

Spending time with his granny

For Amy Roloff, the best time-spending is, no doubt, hanging out with her kids and grandchildren. The Little People, Big World star likes to have her house full of kids.

Earlier these days, little Jackson came to visit his favorite granny. Time flies by so fast! It seems just like yesterday, Jackson learned how to walk, and now, this kid plays basketball like a pro.

Amy shared Jackson’s new milestone on her Instagram and made a sweet caption:

My grandkids keep reminding me of so much and that moments matter, people matter, love matters, faith matters.

Another Roloff is on the way!

There is some other great news for all Little People, Big World fans. Zach and Tori Roloff expect their second baby together. It’s a girl!

The new Roloff is expected to arrive in November meaning Jackson will have a younger sister.

What we all have to learn from the Roloffs is always to put our families first. Family bonding is what gives us the motivation to keep moving and never back down from life challenges.

Thank you, Amy, for sharing your little joy with us! Sweet Jackson made our day.