Sisters’ Feud Is Over? New Mom Meghan Will Receive A Special Gift From Samantha Markle On The Baby Birth, Royal Correspondent Says

May 14, 2019 12:42

Samantha Markle wants to make things right between her and Duchess Meghan. Samantha is reportedly planning to present the new mom Meghan with a very special gift, which is directly related to little Archie Harrison.

Special gift from Samantha

The tense relationships between the Markle sisters are not a secret to anyone. Since Meghan married Prince Harry last year, her half-sister Sam constantly speaks out with new controversial ‘revelations’ about the Duchess.

However, Harry and Meghan’s baby birth may put an end to this lasting feud between two sisters. According to a royal correspondent Angela Mollard, Samantha wants to reunite with her sister by sending her a very special gift. Any ideas what could it be?

Mollard revealed:

It’s a photo album of all the Markle family going back, pictures of all the relatives, and she even claims that this baby has the Markle nose.

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Emotional interview

Earlier, in an interview with The Mirror, Samantha addressed her royal sister, begging her to let their dad Thomas meet little Archie Harrison.

Samantha also revealed that Mr. Markle is making collages of Meghan with her newborn baby.

She added:

Being excluded is like a dagger through his heart.

What do you think about Samantha’s gift? Is there any hope that Harry and Meghan’s baby will finally help reunite the Duchess with her estranged relatives?