Breathtaking! Dick Van Dyke And His Wife Arlene Perform Frank Sinatra's Eternal Hit ‘Young At Heart’

December 21, 2018 11:59

Nothing can keep your Christmas spirit up better as a beautiful classic song. Dick Van Dyke and his charming wife, Arlene, obviously think so, too. The couple amazed their fans with a breathtaking performance of Frank Sinatra’s eternal hit Young at Heart.


Dick and Arlene Van Dyke singing Sinatra’s song

Dick and Arlene Van Dyke are what people call 'a perfect match blessed on heaven'. Despite their 46-year age gap, the spouses are more than happy in their marriage.

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What’s their secret? Maybe, it’s because they share common interests, including their passion for music. Dick and Arlene’s duet performance of Frank Sinatra’s greatest song Young at Heart won’t leave anyone indifferent, especially on the eve of the Christmas holidays.


Dick and Arlene sing from the bottom of their hearts. It’s hard not to fall in love with this song in their gorgeous rendition.

‘Young at Heart’

Bravo! We can’t find the right words to describe the feeling. It was amazing!

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Against all odds

Dick and Arlene’s love story can inspire everyone. Despite the singer is 46 years older than his wife, the spouses still have that sparkle between them just like at the day they first met.


You may ask, how does Van Dyke stay so energetic in his years?! It’s pretty simple. The star says he always keeps moving and recommends the same to everyone. As an actor, Dick also doesn’t plan to retire any time soon.


Dick and Arlene Van Dyke managed to keep their marriage strong for many long years against all odds. Thumbs up to this great couple!

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