Is Jealousy Over? Bradley Cooper, Irina Shayk, And Their Lookalike Daughter Were Spotted On A Lazy Day Walk On A Beach

April 10, 2019

Bradley Cooper, his gorgeous girlfriend Irina Shayk, and their little daughter Lea were spotted on a lazy day walk along a beach. Family bonding is above all for A Star Is Born heartthrob.

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Family bonding for Bradley and Irina

How often do we have a chance to spot a celebrity in our everyday life? Frankly speaking, we are not so lucky here. What about you?

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The Ex on the Beach stars Corey Brooks and Jay Starrett had no idea their sport session on the beach would be so successful.

Brooks and Starrett were boxing on the beach in Santa Monica, when suddenly they saw Bradley Cooper with his family.

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A Star Is Born actor and director was enjoying a lazy promenade with his girlfriend, model Irina Shayk, their daughter Lea, and two family dogs.

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Cooper must be so amazed to meet the Hollywood couple walking casually on the beach. The sportsman captured this moment on video and shared on his Instagram to the great joy of all followers.

He jokingly captioned the video:

When Bradley Cooper interrupts our boxing session to put us in his next movie. Okay, half of that isn’t true. But this was pretty cool! 

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Is jealousy over?

Not so long time ago, fans worried about Bradley Cooper and Irina Shayk’s relationships, considering his alleged romance with Lady Gaga.

But, as it often happens, rumors remain rumors. Of course, Irina also gave a hint to suggest there was ‘something wrong in heaven’ when she unfollowed Gaga on Instagram. It happened just after Bradley and Gaga’s intimate performance at Oscars 2019.

It’s good to know that Bradley Cooper and Irina Shayk are still so close and don’t even hide their romantic feelings from others. May their love only get stronger every single day!

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